Quicklift Lawnmower Maintenance Kit



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****Please Note That the 98cm Lift will not be dispatched until 28th November*****


The “QuickLift” makes deck cleaning,blade sharpening, wheel changing and routine maintenance effortless.

By simply using a 30mm socket on a cordless drill or impact wrench (included in this kit) you higher and lower your tractor lawnmower in a safe and speedy manner.

This kit also comes complete with a blade sharpener which can simply attach to your cordless drill.

Please note: Depending on the make and model of your drill, you may have to adjust the speed and torque settings for the most effective and effortless use. This product has been used with various model drills with batteries varying from 1.5AH to 5AH.

We also recommend that you grease/lubricate the threaded bar section of the lift for smooth and effective movement.


  • Wheel to Wheel Width Size Available: 98cm
  • Max tilt angle of up to 35
  • Max lifting weight of 400kg
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Lightweight at less than 12kg
  • Lift height up to 68cm
  • Comes complete with 30mm socket,drive adaptor and blade sharpener.



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